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In November 2015 I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea. I suspected that I may have had it for some time. It was at the stage of constantly feeling tired and wanting to nod off all the time, particularly when I was driving and at work. I realised I had to have it checked out. I knew I had the classic symptoms such as snoring (very loudly I was told), constant tiredness, and waking up a number of times during the night.

I was given a CPAP machine to use for a short time so that it would give a reading of how bad I had it and, if I had it.  The result was that I did have sleep apnoea showing that I had 89 sleep apnoea episodes per hour, which was rated as severe.

Since using a CPAP machine all symptoms have disappeared. I feet alert during the day, no problem with driving and I sleep uninterrupted during the night. My readings show that the sleep apnoea episodes are down to less than one per hour on average. On some nights even zero results.

There have been side effects and these have presented other problems. The biggest problem I now encounter is that I have swelling in the ankles and legs. Once I start my day my ankles start swelling. I have always had a weight problem now I am putting on more weight and with the swelling ankles I am less mobile, so not as active as I should be, so it becomes a vicious circle, unfortunately. The doctors don’t seem to know the correlation between sleep apnoea and swelling of the ankles, so can’t give me a reason as to why that should happen. They don’t even seem to be aware that sleep apnea sufferers also suffer with swelling ankles. Maybe be it is an unusual symptom and maybe not everyone suffers from it. But is does affect me and looks very unsightly by the end of the day. It can also happen when I am flying long distances. Perhaps the blood does not flow throughout the body as efficiently as it once did and now settle at my feet due to gravity!

The other disadvantage is that you have to wear the face or nose mask every night, and when away you have to travel with it. I now sleep fewer hours as I don’t feel the need to sleep as much.

If you suspect that you have sleep apnea you do need to have it checked out. It can be life threatening and will reduce your life by many years, as well as creating other problems for you.

I hope there may be a time when I can be treated with other remedies for this condition. I live in hope!

I decided to create this website to provide information to others who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I hope to add interesting articles, blog posts, treatments and latest news on what is happening in the world of sleep apnea. I am also happy to receive any comments or to find information that others may ask me to research. I also will be adding a ecommerce page so that you may order supplies.

I hope you will find this website useful and helpful, and any comments or suggestion you wish to make are most welcome.

Lorraine Taylor


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